Saturday, April 6, 2013

Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

keep your computer running smoothly

Sometimes we get caught up with life and forget about simple things like maintaining our pc. Which is the case with me.

Me being a computer guy I'm usually on top of things as far as keeping up with my computer to keep it up and running how it is supposed to. Well, like anyone life caught up to me and I forgot to take simple monthly steps to keep my computer running smoothly.

Well for the record, I have a custom built watercooled pc. Not everything is watercooled just the CPU and for about a week now it's been randomly rebooting. I checked my error reports and all it had was unexpected shutdown.

Most of the time this error is a result of a power outage. I did a virus scan even though I always scan my files before I install anything new but just to play it safe I scanned my whole computer.

It detected 1 virus but that was a false positive. Even though I knew for a fact it was a false positive I deleted the file anyway and cleaned the pc and immediately did another scan to make sure it was clean. After coming up virus free I thought hopefully that would fix the problem. Well, it did not fix the problem.

My pc rebooted again. I usually keep track of my cooling temps because I live in a very very hot environment but lately wasn't paying attention to it. I use a program called core temp it's freeware and a great handy tool to have.
Anyway, I checked my temps again and notice that my cpu was running HOT like reached critical highs of 72 Celcius which is WAY too hot for a CPU especially one connected to a watercooling block. So I let my pc rest for a bit then decided that I was going to turn the fan around (the fan that was connected to the watercooling radiator) and when I disconnected the fan I noticed it was covered in DUST! of course...because I haven't been dusting out the computer monthly as I should be...So I dusted out my two PC's which was covered in dust bunnies and hooked it back up and to my surprise my temps are now running at a steady 38 celcius.

And I didn't have a reboot all day.

It's those simple steps we tend to over look that ends up working. Dusting out your pc is like checking your oil on your vehicle, should be done regularly.

So Here are some tips to keep your computer running smoothly to avoid any headaches.

1. set your computer up to do a weekly defrag (Mine is setup to run Wednesday at 12am) I do this so That It runs while I am sleeping and not using the pc.

2. dust your computer out monthly. Use can of air or a small air compressor *be sure to hold your fans in place and don't let the air spin the fans*

3. scan for viruses every month. I use a free online virus scanner called Housecall By Trend Micro

4. uninstall any programs you don't plan to use

5. scan any new program you plan to install using Virus Total

6. create a restore point weekly or monthly.

7. delete cookies monthly

8. do a monthly scan disk

9. create drive back-ups.

10. avoid headaches by doing steps 1 - 9 and repeating every week or month.

If you're too lazy and want a program solution to keeping your computer running smoothly then try this

Although the program will help, it won't dust out your PC so...

That's all for now. I was planning on writing a full write up but got lazy while writing everything down.


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