Monday, April 15, 2013

Dropbox VS Skydrive

Dropbox VS Skydrive

For this write up. I am going to compare dropbox and skydrive. Both of these cloud services are great in their own way.

Before I get into this I am going to tell you what inspired me. Well recently I got a new PC from a friend of mine. It was a bare bone Asus P8Z68 Deluxe motherboard with a beastly Intel core i7 2600k and a nice looking HAF case (Thank's Almin) So since I got all this new PC parts I decided to build it. I purchased a new Kingston SSDNow V+200 120GB SATA III 6Gb/s 2.5 Inch Solid State Drive KW-S2120-4B  from bestbuy locally and used a price match with I got the drive for $100.

Anyways, I came home, installed windows 7 (not going to switch to windows 8) then started to make my new home into this PC. I kept my old drives with all of my work backed up in it as a slave drive. Well today...One of my 1TB slave drives with all my work in it crapped out. So It drove me to look for a good cloud solution.

So here we go with the dropbox vs skydrive cloud service.


Dropbox was the first cloud solution I went with when I decided to go into the cloud. First thing comes to mind when people think of a cloud services is dropbox. When or if you decide to upgrade your space it will run you roughly $9.99 per month or $99 per year for 100GB of storage. It currently supports Windows, OS X and Linux. It also supports Androids, iPad's, iPhone's and blackberry mobile devices. It also has a good set of file recovering features. Dropbox also has a package for business which is very helpful but a bit more pricey. It supports 5 users and up to 1,000GB or more of storage.

Another feature they have that I like is the referral system. For each friend you invite to dropbox you get 500MB added to your account. So do me a favor, if you do not have a dropbox account sign up now by clicking here


Skydrive is another great cloud solution and has been around for a while now. Currently beats dropbox's free feature. Where dropbox allows you only 2GB of free space and Skydrive allows you 7GB! Right now as far as I know it supports Windows, OS X, iPad's, iPhone's and Android devices and also the Windows Phones. If you were lucky enough and signed up with skydrive before hand, then you would have got 25GB of free storage compared to the now 7GB free storage but 7GB is still 3.5x more than what dropbox offers as a free solution. As for the pricing of skydrive, too offers a better price at this time. As of now you can get 100GB of storage for $50.00 per year. The downfall is they do not have a monthly plan and you will only be able to get the 1 year plan but it is still $50 cheaper than dropbox.

So Here is a rundown of the two cloud services.

- 2GB Free Space
- 100GB = $9.99 per month or $99 per year
- Referral system to get you up to 18GB (500MB each user)
- Ability to pay monthly rather than only yearly

- 7GB Free Space
- 100GB = $50 per year
- No referral system
- No monthly plans.

Both great cloud services...Tough decision to choose a winner. You decide.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Keep Your Computer Running Smoothly

keep your computer running smoothly

Sometimes we get caught up with life and forget about simple things like maintaining our pc. Which is the case with me.

Me being a computer guy I'm usually on top of things as far as keeping up with my computer to keep it up and running how it is supposed to. Well, like anyone life caught up to me and I forgot to take simple monthly steps to keep my computer running smoothly.

Well for the record, I have a custom built watercooled pc. Not everything is watercooled just the CPU and for about a week now it's been randomly rebooting. I checked my error reports and all it had was unexpected shutdown.

Most of the time this error is a result of a power outage. I did a virus scan even though I always scan my files before I install anything new but just to play it safe I scanned my whole computer.

It detected 1 virus but that was a false positive. Even though I knew for a fact it was a false positive I deleted the file anyway and cleaned the pc and immediately did another scan to make sure it was clean. After coming up virus free I thought hopefully that would fix the problem. Well, it did not fix the problem.

My pc rebooted again. I usually keep track of my cooling temps because I live in a very very hot environment but lately wasn't paying attention to it. I use a program called core temp it's freeware and a great handy tool to have.
Anyway, I checked my temps again and notice that my cpu was running HOT like reached critical highs of 72 Celcius which is WAY too hot for a CPU especially one connected to a watercooling block. So I let my pc rest for a bit then decided that I was going to turn the fan around (the fan that was connected to the watercooling radiator) and when I disconnected the fan I noticed it was covered in DUST! of course...because I haven't been dusting out the computer monthly as I should be...So I dusted out my two PC's which was covered in dust bunnies and hooked it back up and to my surprise my temps are now running at a steady 38 celcius.

And I didn't have a reboot all day.

It's those simple steps we tend to over look that ends up working. Dusting out your pc is like checking your oil on your vehicle, should be done regularly.

So Here are some tips to keep your computer running smoothly to avoid any headaches.

1. set your computer up to do a weekly defrag (Mine is setup to run Wednesday at 12am) I do this so That It runs while I am sleeping and not using the pc.

2. dust your computer out monthly. Use can of air or a small air compressor *be sure to hold your fans in place and don't let the air spin the fans*

3. scan for viruses every month. I use a free online virus scanner called Housecall By Trend Micro

4. uninstall any programs you don't plan to use

5. scan any new program you plan to install using Virus Total

6. create a restore point weekly or monthly.

7. delete cookies monthly

8. do a monthly scan disk

9. create drive back-ups.

10. avoid headaches by doing steps 1 - 9 and repeating every week or month.

If you're too lazy and want a program solution to keeping your computer running smoothly then try this

Although the program will help, it won't dust out your PC so...

That's all for now. I was planning on writing a full write up but got lazy while writing everything down.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wicked Article Creator

Wicked Article Creator

This is one of my many tools that I use daily. It comes in handy and saves so much time.

As you know, I do search engine optimization. When combining wicked article creator (WAC) with other tools it makes my job so much easier. Also it has a great html builder feature where it scrapes the keyword you are after, pulls a ton of articles based on that keyword then spins the article making the content 80% - 97% unique!

What used to take hours to build now literally takes me 5 mins. And these guys are constantly upgrading the program adding features, fixing bugs. For the price of this, it's a steal!

Before you would have to pay yearly for this tool but recently the guys over at wicked article creator changed it and now its a one-time pay tool which basically means, you get this program for life. With all of the future updates and everything.

Now let's talk about support...If you're like me, you like to have live chat access or quick support response when there is a problem because we all know, time is money.

Well the guys over at wicked article creator knows this as well. Recently I had a problem and emailed the support team, within 5 mins they responded to fix and sort the problem, I was up and running building articles in no time.

I mainly use this program for my tiered link building process and as you know writing articles for backlinks is no fun process and is very time consuming.

As far as web content goes, I never put spun content on my websites but that's just me, I do know a few people that do and get away with it but with this program you actually can put spun content on your main website if you wish because the articles are quite good in quality but as I said, my personal websites I like to write my own content.

There are so many features that I can't get into right now but this is one of the many tools that I use for my online internet marketing ventures and I personally stand by this software.

Before I knew about this software I had to write content for my backlinks then I got tired of doing that and hired a virtual assistant...even though the virtual assistant was cheap it was still running me around $100 - $200 per week and that was killing me. That's when I decided to go with wicked article creator and it saved me so much time and money.

If you're interested in generating articles based on keywords with 1 click of a button then I suggest you buy this program. Here is the link: click here

Monday, April 1, 2013

More Godaddy Coupon Codes

Godaddy Coupon Codes.

Gotta love them. Today is April 1, 2013 but this is no way an april fools joke. Today I registered 3 new .com's for my new mini authority sites and got them for less than $6 with ICANN fee's

I used 3 different coupon codes. I had to register each domain individually. So when doing this just be sure to log out of your godaddy account and continue on with your domain purchase. Make sure only 1 of the 3 domains is in your cart.

Use one of these 3 godaddy coupons at your checkout.

$1.87 with coupon code CJCEB169
$2.17 with coupon code gofbin03
$1.17 with coupon code FB99COM

and that is basically it. Total came out to $5.21 for 3 .com registrations for 1 year.