Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oahu Overpopulated

Oahu Overpopulated

So today is one of those know...those days when everything just seems to go wrong and it's out of your control.

Well my update today will not have anything to do with internet marketing but rather the living conditions here in hawaii.

As you all know I'm born and raised here in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I grew up in a small town called Nanakuli and later moved to Waianae.

Anyway, I am so fed up with the living conditions here. I am ready to move. I was curious and did a search on google for "oahu overpopulated" and came across a post via yahoo answers.

The post pretty much sums it up in a nutshell.

Ironically it was posted in which is the extension for Canada and basically the place I want to be able to move to in the near future.

Here is the post:

I am sick of the over priced items here. Since everything needs to be shipped down to hawaii everything needs to get marked up on price. The over priced items here make it hard to live comfortably.

Also I am sick of the crazy impatient idiot drivers here. On top of that it's so crowded if you have a 9-5 job. 2 hours of that time is spent sitting in traffic. From your daily commute to work and back. If there is an accident then it's usually longer...

I know a lot of people might get offended by my post but I really don't care. This is my own personal opinion   on living here in Oahu.

Some might argue it's the price to pay to live in paradise...but seriously...the homes where I live are already reaching 500k which is HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! and this area is no where near paradise. It's a damn ghetto.

For 500k I could buy a house in the mainland with a swimming pool, secluded with no noisy irritating neighbors and with marble tile flooring and chandeliers...

I guess what makes it overpopulated is when tourist come here to visit, falls in love with their 1 week stay then decides to move here and realizes that it is not a great place to live. During this time they are stuck here and forcing more local people out because of the overpopulation.

I guess I am one of those hawaii locals that simply can't stand it any longer. With more and more people from the mainland moving down here it is pushing more and more local people to move to the mainland!

Isn't it ironic how this world works?

On top of that the service we get here pretty much sucks, hard to get a good internet connection and if you want something decent be prepared to dish out $100 bucks per month for a business internet line...

For less than half that price you can get a regular Residential line in the mainland with the same speeds as a business line down here...

Also I've been through many phones and services and so far have yet to find a good cell phone service provider...I am currently with sprint and they SUCK! always no cell phone service and they offer unlimited internet but what they don't tell you is that hawaii doesn't have 4G LTE so we have unlimited SLOW internet that's worst than a dialup!

but don't get me wrong, this is still my home and will always be and there are some amazing and beautiful places here but as the years go by and more and more people try to move here it just drives more of us local people away.

The fact is...In my personal opinion and my 28 years of experience Oahu is way over priced and overpopulated.

It's no wonder why many local people end up moving to the mainland.

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  1. Guess its like Niagara Falls in the summer but year to round. I went to Niagara Falls in the winter once and it was wonderful. Too bad its do populated. Makes it sound less alluring.