Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Personal Skype ID and How Unprofessional It Looks

My Personal Skype ID and How Unprofessional It Looks

Sometime's my clients ask me for my personal skype ID. The thing is, I never noticed how unprofessional it may look to my clients.

My personal skype ID nanakuliboy was created awhile back and it wasn't meant for business at the time.

Today I was thinking about it and thought what it would be like if I was the client and seen a skype ID "nanakuliboy"

I'd be curious and google it. First of all, I wouldn't know what nanakuli is so that would spark curiosity. So I did what any normal person would do... I googled "nanakuli boy" and here are the results.

First off, those social network pages are not mine!
Second, who uses myspace?!

All jokes aside, I really feel it is time to get a new skype ID. Something that is brandable and something that presents myself as a professional.

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  1. Folks aren't necessarily staying on the situation. They are focusing on each other name calling, bad language.
    Extremely unprofessional. See the link below for more info.