Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ranking videos on youtube

Since it's been some time since my last update as usual I decided to create a video on how I find keywords that are highly searched then create a video and rank it. That failed because the video ended up being like 25 mins long.

I didn't feel like editing it so I guess if you are really interested in getting this done, send me an email. If I get enough emails I'll take the time to edit the video and post a how-to.

Here is a screenshot of a video I was able to rank in 1 day. It got 660 views in a day! and now ranking on the first page of youtube for that specific keyword.

Well if you don't know by now. I have been marketing and promoting the site which is ranking pretty well on the search engines.

My methods for ranking is completely whitehat and organic. If you need to get some marketing done on your site or search engine optimization check out

On another note. I got invited to watch the advance screener for 21 and over and it was funny as hell! must see movie.

I have been pretty busy lately which is why this blog doesn't have much updates. Not sure when I will get back to updating it daily but I will try my best to update it when possible.