Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years Eve!

It is new years eve! In less than 24 hours it will be 2013! This is my last post as of 2012!....

Okay so enough with the cheesy talk...It's been almost a month now since I've been building backlinks for my 3 websites using the tools I purchased in November 2012.

It's been working great! over 10k backlinks has been built / drip feed through out 3 different websites.
I am also seeing an increase in my revenue from the sites so I know the backlinks are working.

Problem is, I just checked it last night and noticed that a lot of my tier 1 and 2 backlinks no longer exist!

My problem was not creating the first tier links manually! lesson learned!

Your most import links to your site should always be your tier 1 or your first tier links. These should be on high quality PR sites.

Quality over quantity and this was a rookie mistake on my part by not manually building my first tiered links. I let my program search and create the first tiers... maybe it was a rookie mistake or it was a lazy mistake so now I will have to go back and correct this.

I've also been jumping around on the first page of google for "geoffrey woodruff" and not really keeping track of the progress since I've been busy with other things...(life and work)

There are only 24 hours in a day and 4 - 5 of those hours are spent sleeping for me...which leaves me with about 19 - 20 hours...finding the time to build links to my websites, finishing projects for clients, trying to land more sales / clients, answering questions from previous clients, keeping up with technology, building more personal sites, chasing down money that is owed to me by advertisers, writing my personal journal, writing this blog, finding new ways to make online mula, finding the time to spend with the other half and finding time to myself get the point.

So with a new year approaching we can only hope for the best / better but expect the same ol crap from last year...that's life isn't it?

I have not came up a new years resolution because most of the time they don't happen...besides me quitting smoking...that happened.

This coming new years resolution for me...No I'll take that back...

My new years resolution for 2013 is to get more internet sales, land more local clients and make more money with my business.

So to everyone out there. Have fun and be safe!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Which Web Browsers To Use

As I was looking through my hits and studying the overview of the people reading my blog I seen that most users were using Internet Explorer.

That's fine but if you are reading this I would recommend using google chrome or comodo dragon. Both these browsers are very light weight and gets the job done well. It may take some time to get used to how it functions but in the long run it will keep your internet browsing fast and secure.

Which Web Browsers Do I Personally Use?

I currently use, Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet explorer...Why? Because I am an internet marketer and web developer. I need to use all of the majorly used browsers to see how the site is functioning and if they are working properly in each browser.

Aside from testing my primary web browsers are chrome, comodo dragon and firefox and I will tell you how I use them and why.

Google Chrome

Google chrome is my primary surfing browser. I use this browser to check my email, facebook and do my main surfing on the web.

This browser is very light weight and doesn't consume as much ram as the other web browsers. I usually have around 26 - 30 tabs open at a time (I multi-task a lot). It also has a lot of great features.

Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is my secondary browser, I use this to do a lot of internet marketing. Personally to me it is way more light weight then chrome and I love the private browsing feature (like google chromes incognito mode) which makes it great to not store any cookies when marketing online. I use this browser to post ads on craigslist, forums and other internet marketing task. I usually have around 10 - 20 tabs going on this browser.

I highly recommend using this browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Another awesome browser. This browser is mainly used for its awesome plugins. When doing SEO work I tend to use this browser along with some great plugins. This browser isn't as light weight as chrome and dragon but the plugins is what makes this browser great.

Internet Explore and Safari

Not a fan of these browsers and the only reason they are installed on my machine is to view a newly developed website and to see if it works properly. Not going into detail as to why I personally don't like these browsers but in my opinion THEY SUCK!

If you haven't tried any other browser I suggest you do so. Try them ALL. Find which one works best for you.

You'd be surprised on how changing your browser effects the way you surf the net.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Field Of Logo Design

As a logo designer I face high competition around the world.

Competing against designers world wide which means having to adjust my pricing accordingly. Now days if you aren't ranked top 10 in google for top buying keywords for logo design then marketing and selling the service becomes tough.

Right now I am currently ranked in the top 10 on yahoo and bing but doesn't bring in enough traffic. I recently started SEO on my website but wont really see results till around Feb 2013.

Today I made a few sells through organic bing searches. Which shows that the SEO work that I started during the ending of Nov 2012 is starting to slowly pay off.

Still though, I am only charging $5.97 per concept due to supply and demand and me not having a lot of customers. Once sales pick up that is when I plan to raise the prices.

As my SERPS in the search engines increase so will my pricing. So in the mean time, enjoy USA quality design work at 3rd world country prices.

In this write up I am going to tell you exactly how I am marketing What websites I am using, my forums of FREE and PAID marketing.

Free Marketing

For free marketing I am relying on SEO (search engine optimization) Currently building back links to my site I already did the keyword research and found a list of about 20 good low comp keywords.

I am targeting those 20 keywords out of those 20 hopefully I can rank top 10 for 5 - 10 keywords.

Also for free marketing I am making 2 post every single day in craigslist under the services offered section.

Another way for free marketing I am currently using is posting on forums.

Now lets get to the paid advertising.

I am using ebay which charges final value fees and a 1 time setup fee. This 1 time setup fee is usually $1 for 30 days. Renews automatically. Now here comes the fun part. I am selling the logo directly on for $5.97 per concept and on ebay I am selling them for $10. In my description in the listing I am linking back to for users to view my portfolio.

During that time, I am hoping that they will see the price is cheaper if buying directly from me therefor cutting ebay out of the equation and saving me money on the final value fees.

Another forum of paid advertising I am using is facebook's PPC campaigns. In my campaign I already did my research and I used Quantcast to find the demographics of and based my facebook campaign around those stats.

The current campaign goes like this:

female ages 18 - 35
graduated from college
interested in business
makes $100 - $150k per year
cpc = $0.55
daily budget = $100 per day

Now I just started this campaign yesterday and only today it has become live. So far the campaign has reached 120 people with no clicks. I will study this for a week or so and adjust my campaign accordingly.

There it is. How I am marketing, sites and techniques I am using, etc.

As more sales comes in I will be marketing on a media buy in site but for now I will see how this does, I may need to boost my CPC to have facebook show my ad more often. I'll give it 3 days before adjusting the campaign, If I don't see sales / clicks in a day I will increase my CPC by 10 cents making it $0.65 cost per click.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Been Awhile Since My Last Post

So it's been awhile since my last post. I am slowly losing interest in writing my blog. I've also been slacking on writing my personal journal which keeps track of my progress...With all the personal stress and being busy just never found the time to write.

My blog has dropped to #6 in rankings since I haven't been updating it.

I'll try to write more or see if I can find the energy to even continue with this blog.

Really got nothing to write about at the moment so when I come up with ideas or anything else I'll update.

For now I got more important things to worry about.